Hack you CTF 2014 (от LeetMore)

Happy new 2014 and merry Orthodox Christmas if you’re religious ;-D

Maybe you already know hack you and hack you too, so I won’t even say that hack you is an individual CTF that we originally held for our university freshmen and opened it for everyone interested in the world.

Couple days after this New Year hangover, we asked ourselves: “Hey guys, didn’t we want to throw a CTF?” — “We sure did!”
And everyone gets a new hack you.

Game starts: January 10th, 2014 14:00 UTC
Game ends: January 15th, 2014 14:00 UTC

Sign up: http://hackyou.ctf.su/

Unlike first hack you, this one isn’t baby-tasks-only. Quite a few things to mess with.

So in just a few words:
hack you 2014. Twenty good old Jeopardy. Have fun 😉

P.S. Участие индивидуальное!


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  1. Кто -нибудь участвует? Как успехи?

  2. я думаю никто) не до этого сейчас.
    Новый дизайн, неплохо)

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